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Introducing, Dr. Dulcie Chambers:

Dr. Dulcinea ("Dulcie") Chambers has a lot on her mind. She's just opened a new exhibit of Winslow Homer watercolors at the Maine Museum of Art where she's Chief Curator. The exhibit will be complete when the museum's director, the silver fox Joshua Harriman, buys the final piece at auction. But when Dulcie discovers a body where the painting should have been, she's one of the primary suspects. Portland Police Detective Nicholas Black is on the case but finds he is less than objective when it comes to the attractive Dr. Chambers.

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Book 2 of the Dr. Dulcie Chambers series:

What seems like a simple scuba accident draws in an unwitting Dr. Dulcinea ("Dulcie") Chambers when police discover her cell phone number written on the hand of the victim, along with a pricey van Gogh in a watertight tube. Dulcie finds herself diving in to solve this mystery as her relationship with Detective Nicholas Black also reaches new depths.

Avalable on Kindle